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Chapter 13 - Laser Window Bounce Listening Device

As a convenience to those who have purchased the first book, Electronic Projects for the Evil Genius, we offer the specialized parts for this project if they cannot be found at your local electronics store:

L14P2 - Photo Transistor
PCHGA - Printed Circuit Board
LE4590 - 45 x 90mm Focus Lens
PCCWL - Printed Circuit Board
LM980-30 - Module with CWL2 Plans
  LASMOD - Laser Module with Optics
  LD88010 - Laser Diode 880nm 10 milliwatt
  LENS13 - Threaded Lens Mates to HSINK per Fig 9-9
  The above three items are now included in one laser module that has a 30 milliwatt output @ 980nm (Class 3B): the LM980-30. This module is complete with electronic circuitry and optics. Our CWL2 plans are included, showing hook up and necessary compliance.
LE15 - .6" Concave Lens
LE2475 - Lens