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Paranormal, Aura, and Psychic Energy Detectors

Research and investigation into the unexplained paranormal world has often been questioned due to the difficulty in obtaining reliable and repeatable data. Many known investigators and researchers were sought after and handsomely paid for their efforts to make some type of contact with the afterlife. Their inability to make tangible or real contact with the target subject became frustrating to them and their clients. They often had to resort to clever trickery with many practitioners becoming known as charlatans. True psychics and legitimate investigators still had difficulties to overcome, such as unexplained phenomena being dismissed as unrelated to the event. This was primarily due to the lack of equipment to quantify and analyze these mysterious and unexplained events.

The paranormal world must follow some of the physical laws and properties of the known universe. This does not have to be 100%, as there is still much to learn of the cosmos that can still shatter a few accepted laws of creation and death. To this end, we have developed several detection systems that have the ability to detect the presence of non-localized phenomena as that of very weak magnetic distortions, warping electric fields, thermal energy, gravitational anomalies, light and shadow variation and unexplained sonic pressure waves.

Much of the otherwise undetectable phenomenon has often been present in paranormal activity. Strange and unexplained readings on our detectors have been known to accompany these paranormal events both before and after, allowing extended time for analysis and correlation. Areas where psychic activity is known to be present can often be verified by the use of these ultra-sensitive detectors.

These products are low cost and have been proven to be quite effective in paranormal research. Each is capable of detecting ultra low levels of non localized forces. Our labs are also developing a mass warp gravity detector for this field and other applications.