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Antigravity Lifter You Build and Fly


laser pointers

This page also contains related power supplies and other materials necessary to build and fly these amazing devices. This unit when properly constructed has always been a winning science fair project. It was also assembled and demonstrated on Myth-Busters (Season 4, Episode 26). We show a beginning approach starting off with a smaller unit and then working into larger units. For those really interested in pursuing this technology we offer larger power supplies and other support to assist the researcher.

Special note from our technical staff

Anti Gravity Hovering Craft and Lifters
This project demonstrates a very important and interesting, but not well known, property of electrical energy. It is now possible to cause direct motion, movement and positive lift making it a viable candidate for vertical propulsion, hovercrafts, hoverboards and future space travel.

This item has been an award-winning science project for decades. It is very popular in middle school, high school, College, museums, and even has been featured on TV, one show being MythBusters (Season 4, Episode 26) who built our kit in 2006 and filmed it hovering and levitating.

Units use duty cycle pulsed sources of safe high voltage at a low current. The resulting phenomenon of this specific electrical reaction produces a thrust with an audible “throbbing sound”. This thrust is what makes your craft levitate and fly generating the effect of "anti-gravity". It has already proven itself in outer space as a highly-efficient thruster, where it is used as a propulsion method for satellites and deep-space probes. Experiment in the science of levitation and future hoverboard development. As stated so many times, “Today’s experimental research will be tomorrow’s reality."

Experiment in the Science of Levitation


6” craft shown in detailed assembly instructions, and parts for assembly included in all purchases


12” craft built using same technique as 6” craft. Easily powered by our GRA10/HV350CC


3 ft craft built using similar technique as smaller versions. Easily powered by our GRA10/HV350CC/HVPSD50KV(+)

Click for video of 3 foot craft

A larger 6-8 ft craft can be built using similar techniques and a little ingenuity. Easily powered by our HVPSD50KV(+)

same output as the HV350CC but at lower cost and preferred by hobbyists, experimenters and for science projects and classroom functions. Available ready to use and as or as DIY kit


same output as the GRA10 but at higher cost and preferred by use as a demo prop for museum or special display. Fully enclosed with panel meter for monitoring craft voltage and with all plugs and jacks for plug & play


MULTI50 - 5 Stage Low Power Voltage Multiplier
Produces approximately 5 times the peak voltage of the above minimax series in open circuit mode. Load current is in the 50 to 200ua range, 5 Stage Low Power Voltage Multiplier

craft For use with the MINIMAX series, built on a 1.25 x 4" polycarbonate board with discharge limiting resistor. Open assembly is operable as is, but can easily be potted for operation in high humidity conditions.

Multi 50 Multiplier module is easily connected to those who may already have a fly-back power supply putting out 10 to 15kvac.


Serious experimenters may want to attempt a 6-8 ft/side for a total area of 18-32 square feet! Or the smaller craft at 3 ft as shown above This power supply model number, HVPSD50KV has enough power to fly a properly made craft up to 6 ft per side. These crafts have demonstrated amazing lifting forces larger than a kilogram. Output is adjustable from 5 to 75 kv. Delivers 6ma regulated at 50kv and 4ma at 75 kv

Two-part regulated and adjustable voltage system consists of (1) control console attached to (2) voltage multiplier via an umbilical cable. Circuit includes an over-voltage shutdown with full short circuit protection and a voltage indicating analog meter. Basic 115 vac at 60 hz voltage indicating analog meter. Basic 115 vac at 60 hz operation runs off standard wall power. (220V for international operation requires a 300 watt stepdown transformer).

Units are duty cycle pulsed sources of safe high voltage at a low current. The resulting phenomenon of this specific electrical reaction produces a thrust, generating the effect of "anti gravity". It has already proven itself in outer space as a highly-efficient thruster, where it is used as a propulsion method for satellites and deep-space probes.

The project starts with a small craft and can be scaled up to power a larger 14" x 14" craft:

1. You start by building a 6" craft that levitates without any visible means (you must provide the simple materials for this craft, such as foil, glue, and balsa wood from a hobby shop). The triangular shaped craft is typically built 6" to a side, and you can make a larger craft up to 14" when you get your first one correctly flying. It is very important that the craft is built exactly as shown in the plans for best performance.

2. We offer two ion power drivers that can be used for this project: the GRA10 is a lower cost unit that is built on an open frame without an enclosure or meter to keep the cost down. The HV350CC is enclosed in a box with a meter on the front that displays the voltage output. Apart from those differences, both ion drivers are exactly the same and provide the same output, producing all the power necessary to generate levitation. Both versions include a special stainless steel ion wire (enough to make several craft), and a special grounded 12V 4A power supply for 115VAC (standard wall power) operation. If wall power is not available, a 12 volt battery may be used which simply involves connecting directly to the input jack of the ion driver (a mating cable is included for this function).

If more information is needed, a free download (600MB) is available containing many videos and other valuable information on assembly and flying hints of different sized and shaped craft that require simple construction and use readily-available low-cost materials.

GRA10 - Assembled Low Cost Ion Driver with emitter wire and 12V power supply ... $159.95
GRA1K - Kit & Plans of Low Cost Ion Driver with all components ... $109.95
HV350CC - Assembled Deluxe Ion Driver with emitter wire and 12V power supply ... $249.95
HV350CCK - Kit & Plans of Deluxe Ion Driver with all components ... $189.95
HVPSD50KV(+) - positive output Assembled adjustable 5 to 50 kv 6ma ion driver for larger crafts ready to use ... $1049.95
The GRA plans contain instructions for assembling both versions of the Ion Drivers (the GRA10 and HV350CC). These plans are included with the assembled and kit versions and do not need to be purchased separately, but are available here individually if you want just the plans:
GRA1/8 - Paper Plans ... $20.00
GRA1/8-D - Downloadable Plans ... $10.00
WIRE2MIL10 - 10 Feet Stainless Wire ... $15.00
WIRE2MIL25 - 25 Feet Stainless Wire ... $25.00
MULTI50 Voltage Multiplier Module ... $49.95


Portable Power: 12V Sealed Lead-Acid Battery
You can power your Ion Driver with a bulky and heavy car battery, or use this more-portable battery to provide 12V at 7AH. Fully rechargeable. For science projects where 115VAC wall outlets are unavailable.
BAT12/7 - Rechargeable 12V battery at 7 Amp-Hours (6 x 2.5 x 3.7"), will run a GRA lifter up to 5 hours ... $29.95
CHARGER12 - 12V Trickle Charger For BAT12/7 battery, Charges in ~24 Hours... $14.95
GRACABLE - optional 3' #20 wire with 2.5mm mating plug for HV350CC front panel jack ... $5.00