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Paranormal, Aura, and Psychic Energy Detectors

Research and investigation into the unexplained paranormal world has often been questioned due to the difficulty in obtaining reliable and repeatable data. Many known investigators and researchers were sought after and handsomely paid for their efforts to make some type of contact with the afterlife. Their inability to make tangible or real contact with the target subject became frustrating to them and their clients. They often had to resort to clever trickery with many practitioners becoming known as charlatans. True psychics and legitimate investigators still had difficulties to overcome, such as unexplained phenomena being dismissed as unrelated to the event. This was primarily due to the lack of equipment to quantify and analyze these mysterious and unexplained events.

The paranormal world must follow some of the physical laws and properties of the known universe. This does not have to be 100%, as there is still much to learn of the cosmos that can still shatter a few accepted laws of creation and death. To this end, we have developed several detection systems that have the ability to detect the presence of non-localized phenomena as that of very weak magnetic distortions, warping electric fields, thermal energy, gravitational anomalies, light and shadow variation and unexplained sonic pressure waves.

Much of the otherwise undetectable phenomenon has often been present in paranormal activity. Strange and unexplained readings on our detectors have been known to accompany these paranormal events both before and after, allowing extended time for analysis and correlation. Areas where psychic activity is known to be present can often be verified by the use of these ultra-sensitive detectors.

These products are low cost and have been proven to be quite effective in paranormal research. Each is capable of detecting ultra low levels of non localized forces. Our labs are also developing a mass warp gravity detector for this field and other applications.

Thermal Anomaly Detector -- Highly Sensitive Detects Warmth to Difference of .001C

Battery operated directional device indicates small changes in the thermal fields that sometimes accompany stationary and moving paranormal phenomena. This unit can detect the heat left by your handprint when removed from the contacted surface for several minutes. Activity is noted via an alarm or flashing lamp on the panel. A sensitivity control allows adjustment of the meter range. Unit detects moving and stationary activity.

Range of human detection on a cool night is well over 200 meters. (Long range application requires the unit to be mounted on a video tripod or the like.) The unit produces an audible tone and LED visual indicator to alert the user of activity. The rear panel contains all controls and jack. The handle section contains the 8 aa batteries with a slip on removable cap. A 1/4-20 threaded hole in the main enclosure allows easy attachment to a vide tripod.

A special output jack is available that provides the actual detected facsimile signal before the window comparator trigger. This can be fed to a scope, volt meter or other indicator for determining relative levels of signal strength.

Rental Option

This item includes our Rental Option which allows you to try it and see if it works for your application. If it works, just keep it and the sale will be finalized. If it doesn't work, return it within 30 days (in perfect condition please, or we will need to charge for repair and/or cosmetic work) and we will refund you everything minus the rental fee and shipping.


  • Highly Directional 10-15 Deg Field of View
  • 1-7/8"x 17" Cylindrical with Focus Tube
  • Detects Both Moving Bodies and Stationary Sources
  • Battery Operated with Audio and Visual Alarms
  • Sensitivity and Threshold Adjustments
  • Easily Retrofits to Video Tripod for Long Range Detection
- Field Detector, Ready to Use ... $149.95 (includes rental option of $35 / 30 days)
- Field Detector, Kit/Plans ... $99.95
- Paper Plans ... $10.00
- Downloadable Plans ... $4.00

Unexplained Magnetic Anomalies Around Graves and Cementaries

Detects Mysterious Phenomena Not Of This World.....


Control Box

See the earth's magnetic field distort under the influence of solar activity. Detects moving metallic objects such as UFOs. Predicts earthquakes, power outages, communication blackouts and other weird phenomena.

When used with the included biasing magnet, the device is sensitive enough to detect tapping a finger on a nearby rock!

Detect the presence of hover craft and other potential magnetic producing disturbances. This is a powerful R&D tool for studies in these fields and can be an award-winning science project.

Battery operated two part device consists of remote sense head with built in nanoamp preamplifier. Control box contains output jacks for X & Y recorder, signal meter, audible alarm and all programming controls.

Permanent installation where the weather-resistant head may be mounted on a sturdy pole away from anything electrical or large amounts of iron, preferably in a quiet place out of the wind. A shielded cable can now be run to the control box.

Permanent installations are suggested for:
   Sunspot monitoring for possible magnetic storms
   "Unidentified flying objects"
   Warning of pending earthquakes or explosive events
   Vibration detection, etc.

Temporary installations can be made by placing the head on a sturdy video tripod and placing the control box in any convenient location. This method is preferred in the evaluation of paranormal and "the unexplained" target areas.

Specifications and controls
   Zero set control pot
   Meter and overall sensitivity control pot
   Alarm threshold and deactivation control pot
   Jack for external XY recorder
   Jack for connecting cable from "detecting head" section
   Requires 2 AA batteries for head section which last indefinitely, and 8 for control box which last for months (not included)
   Dimensions of Head: 3.5" diameter x 8" long / Control box: 7.5 x 3.25 x 5.25"

- Assembled & Tested Unit ... $369.95
- Kit/Plans ... $219.95
- Paper Plans ... $10.00
- Downloadable Plans ... $4.00

Detects Unearthly Motions and Vibrations Around Psychic Sensitive Areas

Sensitive Enough To Detect Tapping A Finger On A Nearby Rock!

Similar circuit to MGD10 Magnetic Distortion Detector, but with a bias magnet and a special method showing mounting of the detection head.

- Assembled ... $249.50
- Kit/Plans ... $199.50
- Paper Plans ... $10.00
- Downloadable Plans ... $4.00

Detects Ultrasounds in Many Sensitive Areas, Uses Doppler Shift to Determine Direction and Unexplained Disappearance Location
Lets you hear the amazing world of high-frequency sounds. Many uses in the scientific field especially entomology to study insects, bats and other animals. Also used for man-made sounds such as leaking air, water, gas, steam, pipes, etc. Or as a detection device allowing one to hear animals or people walking in the woods on dry ground, even through wet grass. A crumpling plastic bag, the jingling of a key chain, etc. This unit opens a whole new world allowing you to listen to sounds you didn't think even existed!

Click HERE for actual bat sounds recorded using the HT90

HT90 Instructions

Front panel controls:
  • 3.5 mm phono jack for audio output into headsets or recorder or both
  • On/off and volume control
  • Narrow band tuning dial from 23 to 27 kHz (-3db points)
  • Uses eight AA batteries installed in handle (not included)

Hear The Astounding and Incredible World Of High Frequency Sounds - Beyond That Detectable By The Human Ear!

Hears Ultrasounds and Rejects Normal Sounds

Battery operated directional device detects sounds beyond the range of human hearing, with narrow band tuning from about 23 to 27 kHz (-3db points), allowing you to hear and pinpoint mechanical, electrical and biological sounds such as leaking gases, air, water; corona leakage; motor frictional sounds potentially including bearing wear breakdown noises; bats, insects, and other sounds of mother nature; a hunter's aid for high frequency sounds made by animals traveling through dry woods or even wet grass -- even beading water! There are countless applications for this unit.

Pinpoint Those Annoying Sounds Coming From Animal Repellers, and Those Who Might be Purposely Using Ultrasounds Against You for Harassment

The 12" aluminum parabolic dish increases the amount and sensitivity of collected sound (increases the reception of fainter sounds, or those from a longer distance), and provides more of a directional target location.

This device is not made to hear sounds that the human ear can normally perceive, but instead it will hear ultrasound beyond the range of human hearing. (To amplify normal sounds, please see our other devices, such as the Cybernetic Ear, TurboEar, Parabolic Bionic Ear, Parabolic Microphone, Shotgun Microphone, etc.)

Included headsets may differ from those shown in picture.

- Assembled and ready-to-use Ultrasonic Receiver with Headsets, Dish, & Microphone Mount and included Rental option ... $199.95
- Kit & Plans with all parts and headsets, requiring assembly ... $149.95
- Paper Plans ... $10.00
- Downloadable Plans ... $4.00

Detects Unexplained Electric Field Anomolies in Sensitive Areas

Highly Sensitive, Detects Ultralow Background Disturbances

ALL NEW IOD40 detects both positive and negative electric fields produced by ions, ultra low static fields, lightning, paranormal entities and other associated phenomona by using a special low leakage switch.

This very versatile tool detects both positive and negative electric fields produced by ions, and ultra low static fields This unit is sensitive enough to detect the minute charge produced by just rubbing a piece of plastic and bringing the probe in proximity. It easily measures the electric field during a thunder storm or other high static conditions long before the storm arrives.

Extremely useful for mapping the electric fields associated with high voltage generators. Indicates dangerous "E" fields that may damage sensitive electronic circuits or components. Detects those that can be dangerous to personnel. Detects the presence of weak to strong static charges from lightning, potential corona points and output of ion generators, leaking high voltage insulators and wiring insulation. A very valuable device for the high voltage researcher and experimenter.

Unit is built into a handheld 6" x 3" x 1.5" metal box with extendable detection antenna probe. Simple high performance circuitry is powered by a single 9 volt battery that seldom needs replacement.

Detector indicates field strength using an analog meter with a sensitivity control. Includes a potential dangerous high charge field condition by an indicating LED. Switch selects positive or negative charge fields. A response switch allows fast or slow response. A simple external terminal provides a connection point for a grounding lead. Front-mounted RCA phono jack provides a facsimile out for remote monitoring or trigger circuitry for alarms, x/y recorder, etc.

It has been observed that certain paranormal activity is often accompanied by a distortion of the electric field. These changing fields are usually too weak to be detected by conventional detectors. The IOD40 has on several occasions detected unexplained fields in coincidence with other events. At the time of this writing a study is being done at several selected grave sites to see if the distortion in these weak fields can be detected and correlated with other unexplained events.

IOD40 Instructions

- Assembled ... $99.95
- Paper Plans ... $8.00
- Downloadable Plans ... $3.00

Detects Strange Miniscule Changes in Light Levels

Battery operated directional device indicates small changes in the light levels often attributed to paranormal activities. Unit contains a sensitivity control, audible and visual alarms.

- Darkness and Shadow Detector, Ready to Use ... $99.95

Thunderstorm Activity Monitor

thu1.gif - 0.92 K Plans for monitoring short pulse "spherics" electromagnetic energy occurring from lightning discharges. Device is a real asset in severe storm level areas (tornado country) by indicating dangerous levels of electrical activity. Provides early warning.

- Paper Plans to Early Warning System ... $5.00
- Downloadable Plans ... $2.00

Kirlian Photography

Explore the amazing and mysterious phenomena where many objects produce a glowing electrical "AURA". Operates from 115VAC or batteries.

- Paper Plans ... $10.00
- Downloadable Plans ... $4.00
High Frequency High Voltage Corona Power Supply For Kirlian Experiments
- Paper Plans ... $34.95
Optional 14 Volt Grounded Wall Adapter
- Paper Plans ... $19.95

Energy Probe

Radiant Energy Probe and E-Field Detector

Probe detects E fields produced by electrical activity and other unknown anomalies. Unit uses no batteries or other sources of power. Unit can also provide a three from TESLA coils and similar devices. This probe is used by paranormal researchers as seen on some TV shows.

This device is for detecting strong E fields, like those from plasma globes, tesla coils, ion generators, etc. It is not intended for weak E fields, like those generated by many household items. If you need something to detect household or weaker energy fields, we suggest our IOD40.

The apparatus is electrically balanced and designed in the shape of a wand with a 2 inch brass sphere at its detecting end. The handle is 1” OD x 9” of treated polycarbonate with plated metallic tape wrapped around the ends. A red neon indicator lamp (a standard bulb that should last for years, but can easily be replaced if needed) flashes upon detection and increases as you get closer to the source, or if the source gets stronger.

Probe detects:

  • Potential free energy field locations
  • Electric fields produced by ions sources
  • Dangerous static charges
  • Paranormal and UFO energy fields
  • High frequency radiation
  • Weather phenomena lightning
  • High voltage leakage points
  • Plotting a three dimensional footprint of E-fields of HV sources
  • Detects strange and otherwise unidentifiable sources

This handy unit is easy to use and can check the validity of output energy of various healing machines and other radiating products. It is a must-have product for those working in these energy fields.

- Assembled ... $34.95