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Radio Control Module


Universal Radio Control Module
with built in rechargeable batteries for remotely operating any battery powered object such as an example a video camera etc. Feature allows operation anywhere without need for any other wiring

Control Any Electrical Device Covertly From a Distance
universal remote control

When this item is sold to interface with one of our specific products an adapter cable is included if required.

Remotely control just about anything up to 300 feet away using our all new universal radio control module. Internal batteries (8 AA providing 12VDC, not included) power the items being controlled. Also includes a 115/220 AC wall adapter for more permanent installations not requiring batteries.

Control items such as our Pest Shockers, Squirrel Birdfeeder Shockers, Shocking Jokes, ultrasonic products such as our Sonic Nausea Machine, various Alarms & Panic Devices, Security Alerts, Lasers, Video Cameras, Tesla Coils, LED Arrays, Portable Devices, or just about any electrical system covertly and safely from a distance without any wires being needed. Unit provides internal power for devices allowing complete freedom from power feed wiring.

•    Built in power pack energizes most items you control, avoiding unnecessary power leads when using for outside movable or portable operation. Good examples are video security cameras and nature surveillance.
•    Power pack may use alkaline or rechargeable batteries for portable use. Includes AC adapter for use with 115/220 vac wall power.
•    Includes output cable with 5mm DC plug for connecting to controlled item.
•    Includes Input 5mm DC jack for 2 amp AC wall adapter when used.
•    Easy access screw terminal block for connecting to controlled item with leads for either normally closed (NC) or normally open (NO) requirements.
•    Enclosed in a 5.5 x 4 x 1.3" easily concealed weatherproof PVC box with 1" antenna.

•    Imagine the fun with one of our shockers on a birdfeeder watching the squirrels climb up the pole when you simply push the button and watch the squirrel react. You may also automatically set to be activated at all times.
•    A College prank: rigging up a toilet seat, a chair even a bed mattress that can produce a moderately painful to annoying electric shock whenever you push the button.
•    More serious applications might involve panic alarms when used with intrusion devices, powering up intrusion deterrents such as our ultrasonic devices, Tesla coils and other shocking devices of higher power.
•    Wireless video cameras placed at strategic locations need no wires whatsoever as the RC controller also contains the power for the camera used as well as the power to control the camera via the radio frequency signal from the transmitter up to 300 feet away. You actually now have the ability to place these cameras as complete modules, turnkey ready to use within any particular situation needed. They are now completely portable. All you have to do is find a secure location to place them and point the camera in the direction you would expect the action. Now the camera is not on until you push your button on your transmitter and then it will transmit the total video to your receiver station that can be any convenient location within the home, the vehicle, or wherever you require. The RC controller can control up to several cameras, but of course more cameras means more power drain and system operation will be shorter in time. However you always have the option of using a larger battery (we have several available sizes) that could last for weeks or months before recharging or replacing.
•    Range of control may vary due to terrain and other variables.
•    Interfacing to other items requiring AC power to control may require some simple wiring for power connection.

- Universal Radio Remote Control Module ... $49.95