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November 2014: The BTC60 large tesla coil is now complete. This tesla coil has a sizeable output running on two 15kv 60ma transformers, and fills the step between the big BTC50 (with 1 transformer) and the massive BTC70 (with 6 transformers), to provide a tesla coil large enough for a small museum displays, the entrance hall to a college of engineering, or the advanced hobbyist.


May 2014: The TDHP30 High Powered Universal Magnetic Pulser is complete. This is an advanced and powerful magnetic pulser, with variable power output and variable pulse rates between 10-2500 pulses per second, or set to a sleep & relaxation mode that sweeps down through an adjustable range of frequencies at an adjustable rate (between a 6-minute cycle, to a 10-second cycle according to your preference). Includes a 4" coil, can run 2 coils simultaneously, and custom-sized coils can be made to your specifications (or you can make your own coils if you have the technical know-how).


March 20, 2013: First day of Spring, and the Launch of our New Website

    We've launched our new website! With an improved layout and functionality, and a powerful little search engine that's a great resource to help you quickly find things.

    Originally slated to launch mid-2013, our site required an early launch when our previous server terminally crashed. It was like saying goodbye to an old friend, but the code was ancient and in need of an update. Farewell old Info site, we hardly knew ye! Fortunately all the data had been transferred to our new site, but the cleaning-it-up and making-it-look-pretty parts weren't complete. So please bear with us while we polish our site and fix some of the discrepencies we were hoping to address before our hurried launch, like missing links (not the evolutionary kind), cleaning up product descriptions, adding photos and video, etc.

    As always, give us a call or email if you have any questions.

    We thank you for your support, and hope you enjoy the new site.

    -- the Info staff