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Hearing Aids, Parabolic & Shotgun Mics


These devices are intended to allow the user to hear sounds at a distance that would be inaudible to the unaided ear. The parabolic mikes are excellent for nature listening, especially for birds. Law enforcement uses these devices for surveillance.

Parabolic mics use a large area to gather sound energy and then focus it to a sensitive mike element and amplifier to further enhance performance. Parabolic mics gather roughly 3 times more sound than shotgun mics, but they also cover a wider area and therefore capture more background noise and aren't as good at isolating sounds from a noisy background.

Shotgun mics are more directional and are often used for sound gathering in action movies. They also are used for surveillance by law enforcement. Shotgun mics use a sensitive amplifier with a series of resonant tubes or a single tube with baffles.

Ultrasonic Receiver
Lets you hear the amazing world of high-frequency sounds. Many uses in the scientific field especially entomology to study insects, bats and other animals. Also used for man-made sounds such as leaking air, water, gas, steam, pipes, etc. Or as a detection device allowing one to hear animals or people walking in the woods on dry ground, even through wet grass. A crumpling plastic bag, the jingling of a key chain, etc. This unit opens a whole new world allowing you to listen to sounds you didn't think even existed!

Click HERE for actual bat sounds recorded using the HT90

HT90 Instructions

Front panel controls:
  • 3.5 mm phono jack for audio output into headsets or recorder or both
  • On/off and volume control
  • Narrow band tuning dial from 23 to 27 kHz (-3db points)
  • Uses eight AA batteries installed in handle (not included)

Hear The Astounding and Incredible World Of High Frequency Sounds - Beyond That Detectable By The Human Ear!

Hears Ultrasounds and Rejects Normal Sounds

Battery operated directional device detects sounds beyond the range of human hearing, with narrow band tuning from about 23 to 27 kHz (-3db points), allowing you to hear and pinpoint mechanical, electrical and biological sounds such as leaking gases, air, water; corona leakage; motor frictional sounds potentially including bearing wear breakdown noises; bats, insects, and other sounds of mother nature; a hunter's aid for high frequency sounds made by animals traveling through dry woods or even wet grass -- even beading water! There are countless applications for this unit.

Pinpoint Those Annoying Sounds Coming From Animal Repellers, and Those Who Might be Purposely Using Ultrasounds Against You for Harassment

The 12" aluminum parabolic dish increases the amount and sensitivity of collected sound (increases the reception of fainter sounds, or those from a longer distance), and provides more of a directional target location.

This device is not made to hear sounds that the human ear can normally perceive, but instead it will hear ultrasound beyond the range of human hearing. (To amplify normal sounds, please see our other devices, such as the Cybernetic Ear, TurboEar, Parabolic Bionic Ear, Parabolic Microphone, Shotgun Microphone, etc.)

Included headsets may differ from those shown in picture.

- Assembled and ready-to-use Ultrasonic Receiver with Headsets, Dish, & Microphone Mount and included Rental option ... $199.95
- Kit & Plans with all parts and headsets, requiring assembly ... $149.95
- Paper Plans ... $10.00
- Downloadable Plans ... $4.00

Cybernetic Ear
Great Low Cost Hearing Aid!
Enhances Normal Hearing 3 To 4 Times
Use for courtesy lowering of TV volume, etc.. Detect rattles, mechanical abnormalies, leaking gases, air, electrical corona. Excellent safety aid for lab or shop.
  • Adjustable Volume Control
  • Fits Into Either Ear
  • Long Lasting Batteries

This is not FDA apparoved as a hearing aid.

- Ready to Use ... $19.95

Amazing Electronic Turbo Ear
Hear A Distant Whisper!
  • Greatly Amplifies Hearing
  • High Quality Device
  • With Hi/Lo Filter
  • Adjustable Volume
  • Built In Light Indicator
  • Uses 1 AAA Battery (included)
  • Small Size 2.75"x 1.75"x .75"
- Ready to Use ... $19.95

Hi-Fi Stereo Headset
Stereo Headset
  • Cushioned For Comfort
  • Frequency Range: 20Hz - 18,000Hz
  • Sensitivity: 103dB
  • 32 Ohm Input Fits 3.5 mm or 6.3mm (1/4") Jack
  • Use On Our Equipment
- Hi-Fi Stereo Headset ... $19.95

Parabolic Bionic Ear
bioear Super Sensitive
Amplifies Normal Hearing up to 37 Times! Hear a conversation up to 100 Yards

Flashlight-sized electronics is interfaced with a 12" lightweight plastic parabolic reflector, providing over 30 db of pick up gain! The parabolic dish gathers sound and focuses it to an amplifier which further increases sensitivity, resulting in an impressive boost beyond normal human hearing. Includes parabolic dish with built-in handle and amplifier mount, a hi-gain microphone/amplifier, and headsets with adjustable volume for each ear. Runs on a 9v battery which lasts ~40 hours (not included). Field-use weight is 13 ounces (shipping weight is greater due to packaging).

- Ready to use ... $194.95

8" Parabolic Microphone
PM08 Parabolic Microphone

PM08 Parabolic Microphone PM08 Parabolic Microphone
PM08 Parabolic Microphone PM08 Parabolic Microphone

Provides less sound gathering and "listening power" than the larger parabolic microphones, but is a more portable and compact device for those who place a premium on field expedience.
  • 8" parabolic dish amplifies sound several times
  • Adjustable frequency attenuator helps cut out undesirable background sounds
  • Built-in 8x viewfinder helps align and maintain the target sound
  • Built-in memory chip to record and play back short 12-second audio clips
  • Runs on one 9V battery (not included)
  • Includes headsets
- Ready to use ... $59.95

20" Parabolic Microphone
Hunters, trackers, nature enthusiasts, and special events!

Hear conversations up to 300 yards!

Use satellite technology to focus distant sounds to an ultra high-gain/low-noise amplifier with voice enhancement. System includes separate volume high-performance headphones. Unit can be tripod mounted (tripod not included). Field-use weight is 1 pound 11 ounces (shipping weight is greater due to packaging).

  • 20" Snap-Together Dish
  • High-Gain, Low-Noise FET Amplifier
  • Built In 3-Band Adjustable Equalizer
  • 2 "AAA" Batteries last ~100 hours (not included)
  • Recording Jack and Tripod Mount
  • Adjustable volume for each ear
  • Includes headsets
  • Automatic safety shutoff at 95 decibles
  • Carrying Case
  • Quick Assembly
- Large 20" Parabolic Microphone ... $458.95
Parabolic Microphone PM60 Parabolic Microphone PM60 Parabolic Microphone
PM60 Parabolic Microphone PM60 Parabolic Microphone
PM60 Parabolic Microphone PM60 Parabolic Microphone PM60 Parabolic Microphone

Shotgun Directional Microphones
Intended for Long Range Nature Listening and Video Recording

The advantage of shotgun microphones is their ability to "hone in" on a sound source and reduce the amount of background noise. Many variables effect the transmission of sound at long distances -- whether the source is facing you, the air density and temperature, the amount of background noise, and of course the source volume. The ability to hear your target can be greatly effected by any one of these.

Shotgun Mike
Low Cost Super directive pickup garners objective sound in loud environments. Shakeproof holder works as a dampening mechanism to cut case and handling noise. Operates on 1 AA battery (included), with 1000 ohm input impedence, 70-18,000 Hz response, and -56dB sensitivity. Approx 11-1/2" length, 7/8" diameter, 4 oz weight. With windscreen and case, also includes microphone stand clamp and camera mount. Can be used with our HGA90 high gain amplifier. Able to hear normal conversations from ~50-75 yards away.
- Built in preamplifier ... $99.95
shot50 shot50
Best Performance

Designed for video production and broadcast (ENG/EFP) audio acquisition, the SMAT815R provides the narrow acceptance angle desirable for long-distance sound pickup, along with excellent sound rejection from the sides and rear of mic. The roll-off position reduces the pickup of low-frequency ambient noise (such as traffic, air-handling systems, etc.), room reverberation and mechanically coupled vibrations.

This is for the microphone only; does not include stand or cable.

  • Size: 18.5 X .83"
  • Weight: 9 Oz.
  • Sensitivity: 12.6mv / 10 microbars
  • Power: External
  • Acceptance: 40 Degrees
  • Can hear normal conversations from ~100 yards away
- Best Shotgun Mic ... $349.95
Shotgun Microphone Project
sm3.gif Build Your Own
Also shows a Stethescopic Sound and Vibration Detector for listening through walls, etc.
Experimental device, when properly constructed allows sounds to be heard from greater distances, pick out whispers in a crowd, even faintly through windows at close range, etc.
  • Uses 36 Tuned Tubes
  • Battery Operated
  • Built In Voice Filter
  • Includes Our HGA90 High Gain Amp With Headsets
- Kit/Plans (Tripod not Included) ... $149.95
- Paper Plans ... $10.00
- Downloadable Plans ... $4.00

Voice Amplifier Project

Super Performance
Ultra low noise design intended for acoustical or optical science project applications. Build in voice enhancement filter reduces unwanted background noises. Excellent circuit for directional mikes, nature listening, laser window bounce experiments, vibration detectors, etc. Comes with included headset and FET microphone, both of which can be unplugged and replaced with any other headset or microphone that fit a standard audio RCA jack or 3.5mm jack with adapter -- such as our SHOT50 if you desire longer-range listening capabilites, for example.

  • Stereo Headset
  • 8 Ohm Output/3.5 mm Jack
  • Sensitive Cap FET Mike
  • On/Off Switch With Gain Control
  • 9 Volt Battery Operation
  • 1.5" x 5" Board - Easily Enclosed
- Assembled - Housed in PVC Tube ... $79.95
- Kit/Plans ... $39.95
- Paper Plans ... $8.00
- Downloadable Plans ... $3.00

Noise Curtain Generator
noise curtain generator

little circuit plugs into existing stereo, radio recorder and produces a band of noise containing a wide spectrum of frequencies [white noise]. Jams microphones - Provides a soothing relaxing sound.

- Assembled ... $24.95
- Kit/Plans ... $14.95
- Paper Plans ... $5.00
- Downloadable Plans ... $3.00