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Guns (Electric, Mass Launcher, Plasma, Microwave)

Microwave Cannon
Advanced project shows in detail how to utilize a micro-wave oven to construct a powerful source of directional microwaves. These plans are written with detail given to the mathematical equations necessary to design the horn antenna. This project can be a tremendous study aid in the field of high power microwaves. Unfortunately it should only be attempted by those familiar with high voltage and high power radio frequency circuits. All strategic parts are available through us on a special request. You must make contact to verify age and identity.
MICROCAN1 - Paper Plans ... $20.00
MICROCAN1-D - Downloadable Plans ... $7.00

Mass Launcher

The Mass Launcher fires a 4-ounce projectile to a velocity capable of splitting a 1 x 2" pine board on impact.

A lighter projectile can be fired at considerably higher velocity. Device uses stored electrical energy accumulated on a capacitor bank and switched into the accelerator coil by a special three terminal triggered spark switch. The accelerator coil induces a very high amperage current in the projectile that now sets up its own magnetic field that opposes that in the coil causing a repulsive moment of accelerative force on the projectile.

The Mass Launcher uses a flat spiral coil arranged with a vertical flyway and wooden support base. The projectile used is on the heavy side weighing in at over 4 ounces. Its geometry is a flat aluminum washer that is of the same size as the coil. This geometry provides maximum coupling and optimizes electric to kinetic efficiency. Initial velocity is over 300 fps but quickly drops off due to the poor aero dynamics of the projectile shape. A piece of 2 foot long 2 x 1 inch pine board placed on the flyway tube will be easily split by projectile impact.

Projectile may be retained on a flyway for repeating display or free flying.

  • Demonstrates Electro/Mag/Kinetic Reactions
  • Lossless Charging/Triggered Spark Switch
  • Demonstrates the LORENTZ Forces
  • Easily Scaled Up for More Serious Research
  • Accelerates a 4 oz. Object Using a Mag Pulse
  • Basic System Includes 500 Joule Energy Source
  • Excellent for "ACTION" Museum Displays
For Museums, Attention Getting Displays, Action Science Projects and Serious Research. We will assist in installation and setup. Call for details.
Click For Video of the MASS100 in Action:
coil gun
"Tossed Salad"
coil gun
coil gun

The Mass Launcher module requires our HEP50 Pulser/Ignitor (which includes a charger, capacitor bank, and trigger) or similar.

Complete Mass Launcher:
MASS100 - Mass Launcher, Assembled (includes HEP50, MASS10) ... $1799.00

Individual components for this project:
MASS10 - Mass Launcher Module (note that this is included with the MASS100 and MASS10K, above) ... $49.95
HEP50 - High Energy Pulser Assembled ... $1755.00

Coil Gun Pistol
coil gun

Danger: will cause injury or break objects at close range.
Point in a safe direction and treat as a firearm!
Caution -- Adult Supervision Required!

Fascinating project propels aluminum rings to a considerable velocity. Demonstrates the LORENTZ force plus important properties of magnetic energy. Rings may be restrained to flyway for safety or classroom demonstration. Adult supervision usually not required for outside use. Operates from 8AA batteries that slide into hand grip. Can be easily modified to propel ball bearings.

coil gun
Click on Picture
for Video
EML30 - Assembled & Ready to Use ... $129.95
EML3K - Kit/Plans ... $89.95
EML3 - Paper Plans ... $10.00
EML3-D - Downloadable Plans ... $5.00

Plasma Thermal Gun

The PPRO1 Plasma Thermal Gun utilizes the electrothermal energy obtained from vaporizing a metallic material, creating a pressure wave of sufficient magnitude to cause a projectile to accelerate to ballistic velocities.

The system shown on our data is a relatively low velocity device within the building capability of most hobbyists. The project may be scaled up for serious research with an obvious increase in high voltage handling and ballistic hazards. The project requires experience in the handling of high-voltage, high-energy devices.

Operation requires a high-energy pulser such as our HEP50, which is shown using a 5Kv Capacitor Bank. These values may be altered within limits to allow the use of available capacitors that you may have on hand.

An energy-storage capacitor is charged from a programmable, controlled current source to a selected high voltage. This capacitor is switched by a triggered spark gap, dumping all the stored energy into a small-volume explosion chamber and vaporizing a thin, aluminum wire placed inside the chamber. A pressure wave forces a projectile out of the barrel to a high velocity.

The Plasma Thermal Gun requires a power supply/charger and trigger, such as our HEP50 Pulser/Ignitor or similar (which includes our 5Kv Capacitor Bank to store the ignition energy).

capacitor bank

This project is suitable for a science class demonstration if properly supervised with qualified personnel.

Plans Only for the Plasma Thermal Gun Module:
PPRO1 - Paper Plans ... $25.00
PPRO1-D - Downloadable Plans ... $10.00

High Energy Pulser to Drive the Plasma Thermal Module:
HEP50 - High Energy Pulser Assembled ... $1755.00

Plasma Thermal Gun Assembly Parts are Fabricated by Builder from Readily Available Materials.

This system as sold will require proper enclosures and must be installed by qualified personnel if used for public demonstrations and displays.

Single Stage Electric Gun
electric gun

Uses only a single accelerator. Excellent advanced science project for college level. Easily modified for ballistic velocities.

Advanced Projects-
Join the Research!!
Experiment Now Before
Device Is Classified As A Firearm!!!
electric gun

Individual Parts and Subassemblies Available

EGUN1K - Kit and Plans, Assembly Required ... $349.95
EGUN1 - Paper Plans ... $20.00
EGUN1-D - Downloadable Plans ... $10.00