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laser pointers

This page also contains related power supplies and other materials necessary to build and actually fly these amazing devices. This unit when properly constructed has always been a winning science fair project. It was also assembled and demonstrated on MythBusters. We show a beginning approach starting off with a smaller unit and then working into larger units. For those really interested in pursuing this technology we offer larger power supplies and other support to assist the researcher.

Special note from our technical staff

Anti Gravity Hovering Craft and Lifters
This project demonstrates a very important and interesting, but not well known, property of electrical energy. It is now possible to cause direct motion, movement and positive lift making it a viable candidate for vertical propulsion, hovercrafts, hoverboards and future space travel.

Experiment in the Science of Levitation

Click for video
(courtesy of Tim Ventura,
American Antigravity)

GRA80 or GRA10
(The Ion Driver)

Emitter Wire

12V Wall Adapter

(You build)

This item has been an award-winning science project for over a decade. It is very popular in high school grades 8-12, College, museums, and even has been featured on TV, one show being MythBusters (season 4, episode 26) who built our kit in 2006 and filmed it hovering.

Units are duty cycle pulsed sources of safe high voltage at a low current. The resulting phenomenon of this specific electrical reaction produces a thrust, generating the effect of "anti gravity". It has already proven itself in outer space as a highly-efficient thruster, where it is used as a propulsion method for satellites and deep-space probes.

The project starts with a small craft and can be scaled up to power a larger 14" x 14" craft:

1. You start by building a 6" craft that levitates without any visible means (you must provide the simple materials for this craft, such as foil, glue, and balsa wood from a hobby shop). The triangular shaped craft is typically built 6" to a side, and you can make a larger craft up to 14" when you get your first one correctly flying. It is very important that the craft is built exactly as shown in the plans for best performance.

2. We offer two ion power drivers that can be used for this project: the GRA10 is a lower cost unit that is built on an open frame without an enclosure or meter to keep the cost down. The GRA80 is enclosed in a box with a meter on the front that displays the voltage output. Apart from those differences, both ion drivers are exactly the same and provide the same output, producing all the power necessary to generate levitation. Both versions include a special stainless steel ion wire (enough to make several craft), and a special grounded 12V 4A power supply for 115VAC (standard wall power) operation. If wall power is not available, a 12 volt battery may be used which simply involves connecting directly to the input jack of the ion driver (a mating cable is included for this function).

If more information is needed, a free download (220MB) is available containing many videos and other valuable information on assembly and flying hints of different sized and shaped craft that require simple construction and use readily-available low-cost materials.

- Assembled Low Cost Ion Driver with emitter wire and 12V power supply ... $149.95
- Kit & Plans of Low Cost Ion Driver with all components ... $99.95
- Assembled Deluxe Ion Driver with emitter wire and 12V power supply ... $179.95
- Kit & Plans of Deluxe Ion Driver with all components ... $149.95
The GRA plans contain instructions for assembling both versions of the Ion Drivers (the GRA10 and GRA80). These plans are included with the assembled and kit versions and do not need to be purchased separately, but are available here individually if you want just the plans:
- Paper Plans ... $20.00
- Downloadable Plans ... $7.00

Extra Ion Emitter Wire For Serious Anti Gravity Craft Builders

This thin 2-mil stainless steel wire is the best we've found to reduce lossy corona and provide maximum thrust and lift. Your GRA-series lifter comes with 10 feet of this wire, but we also provide it here if you need more. Very strong for its diameter. You can try other types of wire, such as thin copper filament, but we have found that they just don't have the electrical or weight characteristics to work efficiently. To calculate how much wire you need, trace the outer dimensions of your craft, and remember to include the inner structure if you're building a large craft. Available in 10-foot and 25-foot spools for those wanting to experiment with larger antigravity craft designs.

- 10 Feet Stainless Wire ... $15.00
- 25 Feet Stainless Wire ... $25.00

Portable Power: 12V Sealed Lead-Acid Battery
You can power your Ion Driver with a bulky and heavy car battery, or use this more-portable battery to provide 12V at 7AH. Fully rechargeable. For science projects where 115VAC wall outlets are unavailable.
- Rechargeable 12V battery at 7 Amp-Hours (6 x 2.5 x 3.7"), will run a GRA lifter up to 2 hours ... $29.95
- 12V Trickle Charger For BAT12/7 battery, Charges in ~24 Hours... $14.95
- optional 3' #20 wire with 2.5mm mating plug to connect to GRA80 front panel jack ... $5.00

Attention -- For Those Wanting to Build & Experiment with Larger Craft up to 6 feet, we now offer our 50kV Adjustable and Regulated Power Supply:

large craft    large craft    large craft

This power supply is intended for serious experimentation in anti-gravity research, EMP, lossless capacitor charging and other related applications. Caution as painful shock hazard.

Two-part regulated and adjustable voltage system consists of (1) the control console attached to (2) the voltage multiplier via an umbilical cable. Circuit includes an over-voltage shutdown with full short circuit protection and a voltage indicating analog meter. Basic 115 vac at 60 hz operation runs off standard wall power (220V for international operation requires a 300 watt stepdown transformer).

: 50KV@6mA, Positive Output, Ready to Use ... $999.95

Hover Boards are todays fiction, tomorrows products.
Engineering notes by Bill Butler available on this evolving technology

Hover Boards!

This technology is the property of BILL BUTLER. He references some of our products in his research papers but all credit for this data belongs to him as we did not participate in any of his research.

Demonstrate what could be the most revolutionary advance in transportation since the wheel! 35-page booklet explains how to construct a magnetic force field capable of containing a column of ionized air up to several psi.

Although the theory has been proven using complex simulation software, a fully-functional prototype will require additional experimentation. Join the research effort, and take part in the development of this exciting new technology! All parts are readily available. Also includes theory on how to build a hoverboard prototype capable of lifting up to 200 lbs.

- Design Notes ... $25.00
- Design Notes (downloadable) ... $10.00


Plasma Power Generator
As referenced In Bill Butler's Hoverboard Design Notes

Used in above Hover Craft

7kV open circuit 10ma short circuit output requires 12-14Vdc @ 1 Amp input. Open frame with potted transformer, 5 x 1-1/4" in size (Free Instructions). Easily generates 30kV with our MULTI50 multiplier.

- Plasma Power Generator, Assembled & Ready to Use ... $34.95
- Plasma Power Generator, Paper Plans ... $5.00
- Plasma Power Generator, Downloadable Plans ... $3.00


Mystery Anti-Gravity Device
Provides an interesting desk or conversation piece. Simple concept produces neat effect.

ant1k3loop.gif - 18.09 K

Remember those Martian space ships from H.G. Wells' "War of the Worlds".........?
Uses simple concept. Objects float in air and move to the touch. Defies gravity, interesting gift, conversation piece, magic trick or great science project.

- Plans ... $5.00
- Downloadable Plans ... $3.00


Anti Gravity Generator Plans
Shows electronic circuitry on how to suspend objects as world globes and other items.

Allows you to suspend an object using magnetic lines of force. Simple circuit is easy to construct and operate. New and unique - an excellent science fair project. All specialized parts are individually available.

- Plans ... $10.00
- Downloadable Plans ... $4.00


Electro-Magnetic Pulsed Rocket Launcher
Winning Action Science Project showing the interaction of pulsed magnetics and high moment of acceleration of an actual small rocket. A demonstration quickly stimulates classroom interest.

Our rocket project will capture the attention of both young and old. Safe for the classroom and powered by 12 volts (includes wall adapter), it easily propels the model rocket beyond most classroom ceilings. This is a great classroom participation project stimulating the students to design a vehicle that achieves maximum range as a result of their own ingenuity. You build the rocket body around the motor ring from balsa wood, tooth picks or other common light weight materials. The rocket motor is nothing more than a small light weight aluminum ring. Range of the motor by itself is easily over 100 feet. The launcher section contains the circuitry and all controls to power up the system. To operate you press and hold the CHARGE button and count down until the READY LIGHT comes on, press the FIRE BUTTON and watch it fly.

Device uses LENZ'S LAW to generate the force for propulsion. This force is produced when a conductive non-magnetic ring such as a 1 turn aluminum ring (MOTOR) is closely coupled to another coil usually of more turns. When a fast changing current is applied to the multi turned coil, it creates its own changing magnetic field now inducing a very large current in the 1 turn ring coil. This current now creates its own magnetic field that opposes that created in the multi-turn coil. This impulse of opposing magnetic fields now produces a powerful short lived repulsive force providing kinetic energy to the motor ring.

White "charging" push button charges up the energy storage capacitors.

Indicating neon lamp comes on indicating proper amount of charge is on the capacitors.

Red "fire" push button triggers the launch.

Front panel 2.1 mm dc jack for 12 volt input (wall adapter included).

- Assembled and ready to launch ... $99.95
- Kit & Plans ... $69.95
- Plans ... $6.00
- Downloadable Plans ... $3.00


Books on Gravity Projects and Reports
Free Choice of any Plan with purchase of book where mentioned -- either type in your plans at the "special instructions" in step 4 of checkout, or contact us after you place your order and we will email your plans to you.

antigravity anti-gravity anti gravity Anti-Gravity And The World Grid
Explains the nature of gravity, free energy, vortex areas. UFO's, power spots, lay lines and even the placement of ancient megalithic structures - all this in relation to the earthly intricate electromagnetic grid network. Contains 267 pages with 100's of illustrations, choices and drawings.
- With Free Plan Choice ... $19.95
antigravity anti-gravity anti gravity Anti-Gravity Handbook
Now at last, the strange phenomenon known as gravity explained and discussed in detail. Shown are theoretical propulsion systems for UFO's and vehicles of the future. Topics include building a flying saucer, quartz crystals and their role in antigravity, potential schemes of gravity control and Nicola Tesla "Machine To End All War". 7x10" book consists of 230 pages with 100's of illustrations.
- With Free Plan Choice ... $19.95
antigravity anti-gravity anti gravity Anti-Gravity and the Unified Field
240 pages with 130 rare photographs including diagrams and drawings. Topics include why artificial gravity is possible, UFO propulsion, free energy, super-conductivity, whirls of plasma, anti-mass generators, vortex propulsion, gravity pulses and much more. Gov't cover-ups & suppressed technology is also discussed.
- With Free Plan Choice ... $24.95
antigravity anti-gravity anti gravity UFO'S And Anti-gravity
Suppressed flying saucer propulsion technology is now available. Leonard G Cramps, a trained scientist introduces the idea of anti-gravity and discusses in detail, the technology necessary to build a "flying saucer". Data includes diagrams and information on G-Fields, Cross Field Lift, Hovercraft, Bi-Field Theory and more! 388 pages 6 X 9 paper back heavily illustrated.
- With Free Plan Choice ... $24.95
antigravity anti-gravity anti gravity Hitlers Flying Saucers
304 pages of how the Nazis almost won the war. Amazing technology was kept secret for sixty years and is only now come to light. Much of this is still a mystery on where it came from. Prototype craft used unknown propulsion methods along with totally different method of flight control, etc.
- With Free Plan Choice ... $29.95
antigravity anti-gravity anti gravity Ether Technology
A Rational Approach To Gravity Control
Interesting book on discoid craft propulsion and gravity control. Includes chapters on the SEARLE DISK, Anti-Gravity work done by T. TOWNSEND BROWN, and ETHER VORTEX TURBINES. 108 PAGES 6 X 9 PAPERBACK
- With Free Plan Choice ... $19.95
antigravity anti-gravity anti gravity Causality, Electromagnetic Induction and Gravitation
By Dr. Jefimenko. Based on experiments performed at U of WV, an analog to electromagnetism is put forth for gravitational fields. Very pro-vocative.
- With Free Plan Choice ... $34.95
antigravity anti-gravity anti gravity Electrogravitics Systems:
Reports on a New Propulsion Methodology by Dr. T. Valone.
Northrop Grumman delivered the first operational B-2 stealth bomber, then this book on its highly efficient auxiliary propulsion system was published. T.T. Brown convinced the military that his invention of using high voltage on saucer shaped craft could revolutionize aviation, and then conducted research at the Naval Research Lab in DC. Includes: two reports issued by London-based Aviation Studies Ltd., which details this exotic propulsion method, Brown's patent collection, The "U.S. Antigravity Squadron" paper by Dr. LaViolette proving the auxiliary power of the B-2.
- With Free Plan Choice ... $22.95
antigravity anti-gravity anti gravity Electrogravitics Systems II
The much awaited sequel to Electrogravitics Systems is finally out. Includes many papers on electrogravitics including: "Towards light without stress or strain or weight, "Antigravity on the rocks," "How I control Gravitation, by TT Brown," "The possibility of Strong Coupling Between Electricity and Gravitation," Project Winterhaven proposal plus more.
- With Free Plan Choice ... $22.95
antigravity anti-gravity anti gravity Observations of Periodic Phenomenon with a Massive Torsion Pendulum
Complete collection of Saxi journal articles and patents on gravitational shielding measured during solar eclipses. Also, Maurice Allais articles add corroborating evidence with his torsion pendulum measurements understanding gravity, recently verified by NASA.
- With Free Plan Choice ... $14.95


Propulsion Reports
Very valuable data for the researcher or experimenter. These reports were highly sanctioned by BILL BUTLER, originator of advanced HOVERBOARD research. Free Choice of any Plan with purchase of book where mentioned -- either type in your plans at the "special instructions" in step 4 of checkout, or contact us after you place your order and we will email your plans to you.
antigravity anti-gravity anti gravity Inertial Propulsion Patent Collection
Great chronological directory of the cover sheets from 100 patents on inertial propulsion. Saves hours of research for production of force.
- With Free Plan Choice ... $22.95
antigravity anti-gravity anti gravity Antigravity Report
A Collection of Seminal Articles for Futurists. Articles & patents provide important facts about the nature of gravity and its control by E/M fields. The "How to" of antigravity and others.
- With Free Plan Choice ... $12.95
antigravity anti-gravity anti gravity Inertial Impulse Engine of Roy Thornson
Inventor's notes and diagrams to build an efficient inertial propulsion device. Includes 2 part IECEC report on device which analyzes the conversion of 1/16 hp power input into 8 lbs of thrust output.
- 25 pages ... $7.95
antigravity anti-gravity anti gravity T.T. Brown's Electrogravitics Research
Collection of electrogravitics, Electrokinetics Works of TT Brown, Date Chronology of TT Brown, TT Brown replicated experiments. A widely published report, with added material, it serves to introduce and explain "electro-gravity."
- 15 pages ... $7.95
antigravity anti-gravity anti gravity Nonconventional Energy and Propulsion Database
From our library, about 100 annotated references listed twice by author and subject for convenience. Article by Valone included.
- 45 Pages ... $7.95
antigravity anti-gravity anti gravity The Electro-Gravity Device of T.T. Brown
The Townsend-Brown demonstration of an electrogravitics merry-go-round to the Navy. This report, and candid commentary, is a classic. Pages are entitled "Confidential Security Information" intended for two Major Generals only!
- 25 Pages ... $9.95
antigravity anti-gravity anti gravity Gravitational Control Research
Master's degree thesis that summerized the state of gravity research. Valuable historical physics information for serious antigravity researchers with many references.
- With Free Plan Choice ... $10.95