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Lakhovsky Machines
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High Voltage Capacitors
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High Energy Pulser
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Pain Field Guns & Generators
For Home Protection

100kV Power Supply
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Jacob's Ladder
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Tesla Coils of All Kinds!
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Tesla Coils on Sale
If you ever wanted a big Tesla Coil, now is your chance during these limited-time discounts!
Was: $1659.95
Now: $1495.00
Standing 2-½ feet high, this big tesla coil is great for a tabletop display, with a 500,000 Volt output yielding discharges out to 30" in overall length for impressive sights & sounds of electrical action.
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Was: $2499.95
Now: $1995.00
Even larger than the BTC40, a great table-top or stand alone display, this high-output coil can create impressive electrical arcs up to 4 feet in length. You will want to keep your distance!
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Was: $9500.00
Now: $7900.00
Our largest Tesla Coil stands 6-½ feet tall, its substantial power supply giving a final output close to 2 million volts, creating lightning-like discharges that can reach over 10 feet in length. A truly unique experience that is an impressive sight to behold!
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  Hydrogen HHO Generation and Uses
  Solar, Wind, Methane Generators
  Atmospheric Ion Collection Generators
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  Batteries High Energy and Chargers
  Inverters & Step-Down Transformers
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  Power Supplies: Low Volt DC High Amp

Health, Healing, Well-Being
  Body Energy Charging Machines
  Lakhovsky Multiwave Healing Machines
  Negative Ion Well Being Machines
  Ozone Purifiers and Sanitizers
  Pulsed Magnetic Healing Machines
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  Kid's Science / Educational Toys & Kits
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  Ultrasonic Cavitation Generator
  Sunspot Detection

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  Corona And Plasma Drivers
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  Electrokinetic Guns
  High Speed Airgap Camera Flash
  High Energy Pulsers
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  Induction Coils
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  Jacob's Ladder & Singing Plasma Arc
  Marx Impulse Generators
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  Power Supplies - HV, High Frequency
  Shocking Electric Modules
  Spark Gap Switches
  Spectrum Tubes
  Static Electricity, Electrostatics
  Tesla Coils
  Toroids & HV Terminals
  Transformers (HV, HF, Parts, etc.)
  Transformers - HV Current Limited
  Van de Graaff Generators
  Wire/Capacitor Exploder, Plasma Driller

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  Solid State Design
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  Small Coils & Science Projects
  Jacob's Ladders
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  Lasers for Visual & Burning Applications
  Wireless Energy
  HHO Fuel & Projects
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  Amazing Plasma in Action
  Many Other Action Science Projects
  Nanoparticle Generation
  Plasma Etching Pens
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  Plasma Tornado & Plasma Etching
  Paranormal Investigations

Neon & Plasma Displays
  Neon Xfmrs: Conventional (UL2161 & non-UL)
  Neon Xfmrs: Single Ended & Special Effects
  Neon Xfmrs: 12V DC & Automotive
  Garden/Pathway Andromeda Lighting - SALE
  Induction Heaters, Neon Testers, Etching Pens
  Plasma Displays: Globes, Disks & Columns
  Plasma Fire Sabers and Accessories
  Amazing, Mysterious, and Burning Plasma
  Animation for Clubs, Bands, Point of Purchase, etc.

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  Ultrasonics for Animal and Dog Control
  Ultrasonics for Property Protection
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  VLF/ELF Ultra & Infrasonics

  Electrical Shocking Deterrents
  Intrusion Detection, Home Alarms
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  Ultrasonic Deterrents

Spying Surveillance Devices
  Spy Kits
  Bug Detectors for All Wireless Devices
  Camera Lens Finder & Multifunctional Bug Detector
  Spying Long Range Transmitters All Types
  Telephone Spying, Security, Voice Disguisers
  Tracking, Homing And Repeater Transmitters
  Video Surveillance, Wireless, Systems Plus
  Spy Cams Disguised for Covert Use
  Hearing Aids, Parabolic & Shotgun Mics
  Laser Window Bounce Listeners
  Night Vision
  Thermal Viewers use Body Heat for Imaging
  6 Spying Devices Discounted Combo Pack
  Dummy Cams

  BB Pistols, Slingshots, Paint Guns
  Electric, Rail, Coil, Plasma Impulse, Microwave
  Ion Ray/Charge
  Stun Guns & Pepper Spray
  Optics & Sights

Pest Control
  Dog and Rodent
  Garden Pests
  Insect and Mosquitoes
  Electric Shocking Nuisance Pests
  Bird Feeder Squirrel Shockers

Mind Control Machines & Hypnosis
  Proteus Mind Machine
  Electronic Hypnotism
  Telekinetic Enhancers

New Products!

Universal Magnetic Pulser
High power magnetic pulser, fully adjustable from 10-2500 pulses at variable energy levels, automatic variable sweep modes, with our patented circuitry for Polarity PureTM pulses. Simultaneous dual coil use, and customized coils of many sizes are available. [more product info]

Personal Magnetic Pulser
This portable magnetic pulser has a separate coil and circuitry, allowing easy placement of the coil anywhere on the body while keeping the lightweight circuitry in a small case to be carried in a pocket or purse. 9V battery powered, it also includes a wall adapter for plug-in use. [more product info]

Marx Student Generator
A low-cost tabletop Marx impulse generator capable of producing 100,000 V at 5 J energy, generating a bright explosive 4" electrical discharge. Operates from a 12 V wall adapter and can be battery-powered for portable operation. The pulse repetition rate is controllable from 1 to 10 discharges per second.

Applications include dielectric & materials testing, plasma drilling, EMP experiments, lightning demonstration, exploding objects for demonstrations, etc. [more product info]

Featured Items
Sonic Nausea Device with RC
Great little electronic device can clear out guests that don't want to leave after the party is over. Easily hidden and hard to locate, produces annoying and disorienting sonic waves that people feel, yet do not hear, and cannot tolerate! Runs on 9-12 volt batteries, or a 12V wall adapter for more permanent applications.

Remote operation allows device to be controlled out to 300 feet away. Have a lot of fun playing jokes, or use it as an effective tool against intrusions and unwanted congestions of people.

Lasers of All Types

High Voltage Power Supplies

Singing Plasma Arc

Neon & Plasma

Tesla Coil Transformers
Specially made Transformers for Tesla coils, with a built-in radio frequency filter on each output. They can be used for many other high-voltage applications, as they do not have ground fault interrupt (GFI) circuitry.

The future of levitation! This interesting but little-known phenomenon causes lift and movement, making it a viable candidate for propulsion, hovercrafts, hoverboards and the like. A fascinating project, and a technology rarely seen.

Own the night! See what's happening around you when others can't.